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Industry plays an important role in economic and social development of any country and hence, engineers and factory workers are always high in demand. Currently there are 8 major industrial regions, 13 minor industrial region and 15 industrial districts in India and millions of engineers and workers are engaged in these industries. But, do you know how much risky it is for our engineers and workers to work day after day with harmful chemicals, hazardous lubricants, dirt, polluted oils and grease?  The concept of HSSE is evolved to ensure occupational health and safety of everyone associated to an organization. HSSE stands for Health, Safety, Security and Environment. The objective of HSSE is to put a light on workplace hazards and provide a set of guidelines to maintain the healthy environment and safety at workplace and support sustainable development. All responsible firms have taken HSSE seriously to ensure good health and safety of their workers. Protecting workers from chemicals, grease, dirt and other hazardous oils also comes under HSSE plan of many industries. Grease, Chemicals, base oils and lubricants are frequently used in manufacturing units, productions units and construction sites and is responsible for causing skin disease, skin irritation and even skin cancer, when comes in contact with human beings. According to WHO, people who work daily in such high-risk environment can easily get affected by various diseases and hence it is needed to reduce exposure to them. So, use of appropriate precautionary measures is very necessary which include:

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