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Car and Bike Shampoo

Available variants : 5 Ltr.

Car and Bike Shampoo

 Xynol Car Shampoo with a freshening fragrance, is a concentrated, long-lasting formula that gently washes away tough dirt, contaminants, road grime, bugs and salt without damaging your vehicle’s clear coat OR removing the protective wax finish that exists on the car.

Product Features :

  •  pH balanced.
  •  Easy Rinse Off
  •  Rich Foam Wash Formula
  •  Removes Tough Dirt & Road Grime
  •  Safe on Paint
  •  Effective with Hard & Soft Water

Safely removes dirt and grime without removing your wax protection. This product is clear coat safe and is phosphate free.

Xynol removes the contaminants and lubricate the surface so that they do not scratch the paint as they slide off the metallic surface of the vehicle or the wheels without scratching them at all.

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