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Hard Stain Remover

Available variants : 500 ml, 5 Ltr.

Hard Stain Remover

Xynol Hard Stain Remover is a powerful household cleaner, without the harshness of bleach that removes hard water stains and tough Dirt. The strong formula with its smart spray dispenser releases micro-bubbles to dissolve grease and germs in just a couple of sprays. It leaves a fresh smell after cleaning.

Product Features :

  •  Lifts away the grease & the dirt
  •  Leaves behind the Sparkle on Ceramics, Bath Fittings, Chrome Plated Surfaces & regains the Gloss & the Pleasant aroma.
  •  Proven to kill up to 99% germs.
  •  Safe for use on Granites, Marbles, ACP Sheets used on the Facades of schools/malls.
  •  Safe for use on Microwaves, Refrigerators & other Tangible surfaces
  •  Safe for removes stains from Washing Machines, Coffee Makers, Geysers, Dish washers etc

How To Use :

Dip the Hard Stain Remover liquid in the cloth and rub across the stain and then leave it for 5 min. and wash away with water.

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