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Premium Floor Cleaner

Available variants : 250 ml , 1000 ml, 5 Ltr.

Premium Floor Cleaner

An eco-friendly formula of Natural Pine Oils with soft Surfactants make it highly protective and effective germicidal creating a rich deodorizing aura around your dear ones. Maintains Neutral pH. Perfect for vinyl and thermoplastic tiles, lino, rubber, terrazzo, sealed wood or cork and quarry tiles.

XYNOL® Premium Floor Cleaner’s unique formulation provide a natural mosquito cum insect repellant results for several hours in your homes.

Product Features:

A Natural Mosquito cum insect repellant

Safe for Marble, Tiles, Granite and all other Hard Surfaces

Skin Safe/ Allergen Free

How to use:

Shake Well Before Use

Damp Mopping : Dilute XYNOL® Premium Floor Cleaner into a bucket of normal water @ 1:100 (5Caps full/50ml. in 5 litres of water) and mop floors.

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