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The Orchid Multi Surface Disinfectant

Available variants :550 ml, 1100 ml, 5 Ltr.

The Orchid Multi Surface Disinfectant

Billions of people around the world are asking for products that are tough on germs and stains, and ever more convenient to use. XYNOL® MSDI powerful cleaner Descales & Disinfects the stained surfaces of Granites, Marbles & all types of hard surfaces.

Product Features

  • Clean & Disinfects all floors & surfaces.
  • Removes moderate to tough stains
  • Long lasting fragrance

How to use:

  1. Dilute with normal water@ 1:100 [5 Caps Full/50 ml. in 5 Litres of water]
  2. Sweep floor & then damp mop surface frequently.
  3. Rinse mop to remove the germs & dirt regularly.

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